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Why Plan Ahead?

We must do for our horses what they cannot do for themselves; a good plan today is better than a mess tomorrow.  To ensure the best experience, I am happy to help you ask the questions you need to answer to plan this journey for your horse. Here are some frequently asked questions to serve as prep-list: 

Do you travel out of state? 

MM provides intrastate, interstate and international equine transport.

Are you insured?

Yes. Insurance details are found in the MM contract for further information regarding Insurance.


Do you provide electrolytes?

I will provide only safe and legal supplements for the horses only if doing so is authorized by the owner. In the case of emergencies, other medications may be used upon authorization by the owner and veterinarian approval. Some supplements include but are not limited to electrolytes, vitamins, calmer, etc.

How often do you stop to rest?

I stop every 300-400 miles for standing rest, water and feed as needed.


What if the trip will require over-night travel?

I accommodate layovers at some amazing facilities throughout the U.S.   

Clients will be informed where and when this will take place prior to a 10 hr transport no more I


What if my horse has a special diet?

Travelling can be hard on a horse so to help keep horses most comfortable, clients are required to supply their own feed and supplements to which their horse is accustomed, but I always have plenty of feed along with me, as well as fresh water and bedding, to make sure a horse is never without.

What paperwork do I need to transport my horse within or out of state?

Within the U.S., all paperwork required prior to transportation of equine is the same. Such paperwork include: Coggins & health certificates.  Due to health and safety I will not transport “dirty equine”; these are animals with no Health Certs, Coggins, and No Vaccines. Out of “kill pens” I will not transport unless they have been properly vet certified. It is the owners responsibility to have all vet checks set up in and outside the U.S.. All documentation for horses must be provided to Customs at the borders prior to transport.

Do I need a vet check before transport?

Yes. You will need a Health Certificate and Coggins and a copy must be provided to MM prior to transport.

What are your qualifications for equine care?

MM provides 30+ years experience handling and transporting horses and other equine. This experience is enhanced by veterinary technician certification in process.


Does my horse need to be insured?

Mortality insurance is not required by MM prior to transport. Election to secure mortality insurance is up to the owner. Please refer to MM transport contract regarding horse mortality insurance.

What if my horse is sick the day it is supposed to travel?

Prior to loading, equine to be transported are carefully observed for conditions such as cough, mucus, lameness, dull eyes and overall appearance of health. Condition is documented with video and pictures prior to loading.  If a concern arises options are discussed with the owner. 

Who is responsible if injuries occur enroute?

The short answer is that owners are always responsible at all time for their equine. This is covered in the Moses Meadows Equine Services transport contract (click here to download)

"Before you ever start to reach to ask your horse to do something you should have in mind what you are asking and where you are trying to direct."  
Tom Dorrance
Contact us to schedule transport, boarding 
or training services: 509-988-3336


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