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What We Do

My purpose is to provide you peace of mind for the safe transportation of your horse(s).  Whether you need your horse moved to new ground across the county or you're bringing your new baby home from across the country, Moses Meadows Equine Services has your back. 

I bring 30 years of experience and professional training to meet your equine-related needs including safe, secure boarding, training, riding lessons and more. 

Give me a call, send an email or message me here or through facebook; let's talk about how I can serve you!

"You are not working on the horse, you're working on your self ..."
Ray Hunt
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Transportation Service Includes
  • Educated & skilled equine husbandry

  • Safe & reliable transportation

  • Scheduled rest breaks

  • Fresh, clean water 24/7

  • Comfortable footing

  • Overnight accommodations if needed

  • Regular communication including photos/videos

  • Offered upon Requests

Shipping boots

Aroma Therapy



Your horse deserves the best!  
Future Services Available
  • Boarding
  • Riding Lessons
  • Starting/Finishing
  • Training & Re-Education

Moses Meadows Equine Services is under the GVWR and is not considered a commercial service by DOT standards.
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